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Using Cluster Suite's GUI to Configure High Availability Schedulers

In an earlier post I talked about using Cluster Suite to manage high availability schedulers and referenced the command line tools available perform the configuration. I’d like to focus on using the GUI that is part of Cluster Suite to configure an HA schedd. It’s a pretty simple process but does require you run a wallaby shell command to complete the configuration.

The first thing you need to do is create or import your cluster in the GUI. If you already have a cluster in the GUI then make sure the nodes you want to be part of a HA schedd configuration are part of the cluster.

The next step is to create a restricted Failover Domain. Nodes in this domain will run the schedd service you create, and making it restricted ensures that no nodes outside the Failover Domain will run the service. If a node in the Failover Domain isn’t available then the service won’t run.

The third step is to create a service that will comprise your schedd. Make sure that the relocation policy on the service is Relocate and that it is configured to use whatever Failover Domain you have already setup. The service will contain 2 resources in a parent-child configuration. The parent service is the NFS Mount and the child service is a condor instance resource. This is what sets up the dependency between the NFS Mount being required for the condor instance to run. When the resources are configured like this it means the parent must be functioning for the child to operate.

Finally, you need to sync the cluster configuration with wallaby. This is easily accomplished by logging into a machine in the cluster and running:

wallaby cluster-sync-to-store

That wallaby shell command will inspect the cluster configuration and configure wallaby to match it. It can handle any number of schedd configurations so you don’t need to run it once per setup. However, until the cluster-sync-to-store command is executed, the schedd service you created can’t and won’t run.

Start your service or wait for Cluster Suite to do it for you and you’ll find an HA schedd in your pool.

You can get a video of the process as ogv or mp4 if the inline video doesn’t work.